Miriam Gray
our regular client

“After a shocking experience with my previous accountants, UY Accountants has provided a very friendly, highly professional and efficient service. Everyone at the company is a pleasure to deal with and I would recommend them unconditionally”

Richard Remmington
our regular client

“I am the owner of a building and plumbing business and came to UY Accountants a few years ago to sort out all my tax and accounting issues. UY Accountants was great in sorting everything out for me so that now I am on the right track with everything up to date. He is obviously a tax expert and very generous with his time in answering any questions I have. I strongly recommend him to anyone looking for an accountant or tax expert”

Helen Blackwood
our regular client

“I run a limited company employing around 12 staff and we have employed UY Accountants for the last 18 months after our previous accountants (my dad!) retired. I found the whole process in switching to be easy after my initial meeting with UY Accountants and have found our working relationship to be the same. I am really happy with the service we have received from UY Accountants and his staff and would highly recommend them.”

Rachel Smith
regular customer

“We recently migrated to UY Accountants from large national accounting firm. Transfer was easy and faultless. Friendly staff at UY Accountants lead us through the process with ease. Initially we were drawn to their service because of their attractive pricing structure. However it quickly became apparent to us that we were getting a lot more for our money than we initially thought as they are happy to stretch the engagement to all sorts of additional advice. Thumbs up to UY Accountants.”

Alex Smith
regular customer

“UY Accountants has assisted us since we first established our business. The standard of the work has been outstanding- always timely and accurate. Most importantly however the advice that we have received has been invaluable and made a real difference to our business venture”

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